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Juss Hengshan Hotel (Former Regal International East Asia Hotel), Shanghai, それは「東方シャンゼリゼ通り」という有名な衡山路に位置しています。生い茂った梧桐並木に沿って、周辺に喫茶店、バー、精緻な商店と風格の独特な花園と各式の洋館が点在しています。緑あふれる歩みの両端はそれぞれにぎやかなレジャーショッピングエリア――徐家匯と淮海路に伸びています。ホテルは申城のにぎやかな飲食、ショッピング、娯楽地帯に位置しています。
ホテルの1,296平方メートルの室内テニス館では、どんな大型会議や競売会、宴会が開かれます。十人ぐらいの小さなプライベートパーティーを開いても 1,000人の大規模な会議は、この場所がフロア全体と屋外の総面積を占める2,702平方メートルの会議及び宴会施設が理想です。
  • Pudong International Airport Shanghaiからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    Juss Hengshan Hotel (Former Regal International East Asia Hotel), Shanghai 空港へ34.3km。

  • Juss Hengshan Hotel (Former Regal International East Asia Hotel), Shanghaiに空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • Juss Hengshan Hotel (Former Regal International East Asia Hotel), Shanghaiのチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • Juss Hengshan Hotel (Former Regal International East Asia Hotel), Shanghaiにプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • Juss Hengshan Hotel (Former Regal International East Asia Hotel), Shanghai の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • Juss Hengshan Hotel (Former Regal International East Asia Hotel), ShanghaiにはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • Juss Hengshan Hotel (Former Regal International East Asia Hotel), Shanghaiは前払いを受け入れますか?


  • Juss Hengshan Hotel (Former Regal International East Asia Hotel), Shanghaiはレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • Juss Hengshan Hotel (Former Regal International East Asia Hotel), Shanghai朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY168/人。

  • Juss Hengshan Hotel (Former Regal International East Asia Hotel), Shanghaiの宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • burnliu
    Because the plane was late, I checked into the hotel in the middle of the night. Failed to experience fitness facilities such as swimming pool. The drinks in the room are clearly priced, like a grocery store. Do not prepare matches, smokers should buy Lighters prepared in the room. There are few kinds of breakfast. House prices are on the high side.
  • nixuejun8822
    Convenient location, business travel preferred.
  • adolfoxmin
    It is located in the core area, with convenient surroundings and comfortable living
  • orangeluc
    Yes, I choose this hotel every time I travel to Shanghai
  • e00077788
    Every time you go to a hotel in Shanghai, the letter price ratio is high, the environment is good, and the location is good
  • andy15703166
    The five-star service room is a little small, and the geographical location is absolutely good
  • amyli2005
    The hotel didn't even have a formal signboard. The taxi driver couldn't find it. There were many useless wardrobes in the room. The breakfast we were looking forward to was not as rich as we expected. In short, the waiters didn't smile.
  • epianpian
    I've lived here several times. I like it very much. There are bars everywhere on Hengshan Road.
  • jincuiyu
    Hotel is modern with a friendly service at a great location in Shanghai. Very convenient for travellers who like to explore the French concession by walk.
  • E00145001
    Generally speaking, it's OK. The disadvantage is that there is no direct elevator from the underground parking garage to the hotel. It needs to go around from the outside
  • liurong0521
    Too old! The service was average, the front desk was very cold!
  • yewenpan
  • iameileen
    Broadband charges
  • wuyanxia_w
    Cost effective, satisfied, will stay next time!
  • gotooffice
    This is one of the best hotels in Shanghai as it comes to price and quality/service. My first time and I had a great stay. Would definitly book again for my next trip to Shanghai.
  • aoao222
    Due to the late arrival, the hotel upgraded the executive room for free, but the room tasted a little heavy, but it was good as a whole.
  • awf_pal
    The service was really bad
  • wsdjl106
    Staff attitude is very good ~ environment is also good ~
  • nicole_gao
    I like living in this hotel very much. It's a good street with French style, but it's expensive to eat
  • roundfly
    The hotel is a little old
  • cllfyf
    The location is quiet and convenient. I'll see you next time
  • plutoge
    The facilities are a little old, but the overall environment is OK. The fried noodles in the evening are also good
  • feifei0564335
    The room is small and feels old
  • e00107604
    A five-star hotel with high cost performance is next to Hengshan Road. A very happy stay!
  • jasonli198298
    The location of the special room is always not very good. In the corner, the vision is not as good as expected. Without free broadband, I forgot to quit after using it. As a result, I sadly calculated the Internet fee of one hour and forty minutes, up to 128 yuan!!!! These days, it is rare for such expensive hotel rooms to charge Internet charges and be so high. However, the hotel service staff insisted on taking a taxi for 20 minutes despite the rain, so they felt that the staff service was very good.
  • cenyi
    Very good, convenient transportation, very good service
  • Andy2467
    The hotel bed is very comfortable, but the equipment is a little old!
  • ensure107
    The location is good. It's close to the customer's office. Breakfast is OK. I want wonton, but I don't have it. I'm a little dissatisfied. When I checked in, I was told that there was only a double bed room. I asked to stay for three consecutive days. If there was a big bed room, please change it. The front desk agreed, but that is to say yes. I didn't reply until I checked out. It was obviously ignored.
  • tybosco
    The location is good, the equipment is a little old, the price is not high, and the cost performance is good.
  • baoju
    Bath water is too slow, too slow, too slow, the whole station in the dirty water bath!
  • come_
    Very good, the price ratio is really high!
  • e00068629
    not bad
  • mjessica
    The hotel environment is comfortable and suitable for travel
  • jim01241
    A very cost-effective hotel. The room is clean and comfortable. Because it is located in Hengshan Road, it is more convenient to eat. Highly recommended.
  • SS traveler
    The hotel is OK
  • Setsu
    I live in the apartment building here. Every time my friends come, I book this hotel
  • ericlai2001
    The hotel booked for my colleagues is very good.
  • a732496354
    This is a very good hotel. I choose this one for every business trip. The location is good, the room is also very good, the overall service feels very good, the nearby transportation is convenient, and the dining is also very convenient
  • e01099701
    On the road to Heng Mountain, the environment is very good, and out is the tall Wutong. I live in a room on the top floor. The night view is very beautiful and the room is very quiet. The baby likes to take the elevator here. The price is too high. Compared with the price, breakfast is average, too Western. There are flying insects in the Chinese pickles, which makes people feel very bad. I won't check in next time.
  • nesip
    The hotel has a good location, quiet in the middle of trouble, good facilities, especially the bed is very comfortable, and there is a tennis court downstairs. In short, the cost performance is very high
  • bcvbvc
    The hotel has a good geographical location and convenient transportation. It is very close to Xujiahui. It is very convenient to purchase in the business district. In addition, it is also close to the bar at night. The room is very dry and quiet. The variety and quality of buffet breakfast are far from those of five-star hotels. There are too few varieties
  • viviliang
    It's for a friend. This location is quiet in the middle of trouble. It's a 5-star hotel. It's still very good.
  • cwd128
    The first time I stayed in this hotel, I stayed in an ordinary room. The room was very big. Neat, clean, comfortable. However, the facilities of the room are old and should have been decorated 10 years ago.
  • roddex
  • raullulu
    not bad Moderate price
  • ame926
    You can come back later. Good
  • pilimao007
    Yes, better than Hengshan hotel
  • flying1231
    Everything is fine.
  • ericatdesign
    bu cuo
  • silentino
    Very good location, very good service
  • ae380
    We came to Shanghai for NYE vacation, stayed in this hotel 3 days. We enjoyed the whole time staying there, facilities are good, the location is very convenient, staff is friendly and helpful. Just the swimming pool is not exactly in the hotel building, it's another one next to hotel, so you have to leave hotel and enter another building, for summer I guess no problem, for winter it's a bit chilly, but still not a big deal. Recommended!
    The position is OK
  • cyjessica128
    Excellent location, good room, first choice next time
  • e02221391
    not bad
  • jdcvivian
    Close to the company, very convenient place, guests are generally arranged to stay here
  • lillian8402
    I stayed in three hotels in Shanghai this time. The first one is Regal global East Asia Hotel, the second one is Ramada Encore Hotel, and the third one is qingsongcheng hotel. In general, the three hotels are very good, very satisfied! Originally, I was worried that if I sent two breakfasts, the child might have to make up the cost, but it turned out that they were all free. I don't sleep well. I have a high demand for quietness. Fortunately, these three hotels are very quiet! Regal global East Asia Hotel is close to the attached middle school of conservatory of music, and it's also not far away. The bus is very convenient. It's a five-star hotel with high cost performance. The bed is 20cm higher than that of ordinary family. It's a little worried about children falling down. The breakfast is rich, and the facilities are complete. There are bath tanks and two smoke masks. Ramada Anke hotel is a bit remote. After arriving at gongkang Road station, it's nearly 2 kilometers to walk. It's better to take a tricycle and spend 5-6 yuan. The biggest advantage is that it's cheap, but there's a lack of air conditioning. It makes some noise at the beginning. It's ok at night. It doesn't disturb me! There are few kinds of breakfast, and the facilities are relatively old. I don't have a bathtub in my room, and I have a smoke mask. Qingsongcheng hotel has convenient transportation. The price of line 7 is higher than that of the five-star Regal global East Asia Hotel. But the breakfast is not as rich as Regal global East Asia Hotel. The facilities look very new. There is also a bathtub, but the smoke mask is not found. I'm a little disappointed!
  • randor
    The location, facilities and service are all very good. I often stay in this hotel in Shanghai. No dissatisfaction
  • jeantang2009
    Everything else is OK, but the bed is too soft
  • maggie19830629
  • ciji_elain
    Very good, the leader is very satisfied
  • e04097367
    Very bad room conditions. A terrible and strange smell in the room. Very disappointed. I left before my reservation finish.
  • dajpwl
    Not bad, next time I have a chance to live here!!!!!
  • gjdgaj
    The hotel is OK. The bed doesn't have the feeling of five stars. The room is bright.
  • post90
    not bad
  • JasonJun
    Very good.
  • ntyantt
    The toilet bowl and basin old n always stucked
  • ofemg
    The location is very good, the environment is very good, I made a reservation for my colleagues, and the service was considerate
  • ronnie0324
    Help foreign colleagues make reservations. They are satisfied with every check-in. recommend!
  • Bangell
    A better hotel on Hengshan Road
  • bobomomo_7
    It's so tall and beautiful